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Effective Instagram Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Brand in 2019
24 September 2019

Effective Instagram Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Brand in 2019



We all know the power of social media in the field of digital marketing. Nowadays, Instagram became popular in the sense of growing your business rather than other platforms.

Lots of businesses are migrating towards Instagram because it is a wonderful way to sell their products or services.

As we all know that by creating a profile on Instagram one can post any content, video, images and can share these locally or globally.

As of June 2018, the cross-platform app reported more than 1 billion monthly active users. With more than 400 million daily active users, Instagram is growing 5 times faster than any other social media platform in the U.S.

To making your Instagram marketing more effective, you can use some tricks and tips. Below are some growth hacks for your business.


Helpful Live Streaming Videos

Instagram provides the feature of live streaming video by which you can connect to your audience directly. It is also beneficial to increase your followers which allows better brand awareness and provides a better customer relationship, that is the desire of any marketing strategy.

To gain the trust of your audience you have to show them reality and behind the scenes for your brand and it gives them more confidence in your brand.


Use Your Brand Logo as Your Profile Picture

The first thing which attracts users is your profile photo, so it should be relevant to your brand or business. Your profile photo reflects your branding. You can also use a combination of text and graphics to attract your customers. It is very beneficial for small as well as large business.


High Quality Content/Engaging Content

If you are not providing relevant and user generated content, then viewers will not show interest in your content and ultimately in your brand.

To make engaging content you can use attractive photos and videos with your content. Your language should be simple, qualitative and well researched.


Promote Your Profile through Other Channels

It will be advantageous to post your Instagram profile on other channels. Doesn’t matter if it is about your brand or your business but as we know that like Instagram, other social channels like Facebook, Twitter can also help to promoting your brands and help to get more followers.

There are people who may like your brand on Facebook or other social platforms that you can invite to follow you on Instagram. If they are already interested in your products or services, they will definitely follow you on Instagram.


Don’t Ignore Your Followers’ Comments

If someone wants to know more about your product and they comment below your post by asking some queries, then it’s your duty to give them answers as quickly as possible and by doing this you can show your presence and your customers will feel like they are important to you.

If they are asking something related to your product or brand, then it may be possible that they are interested in buying your product so it will be favorable to give the answer as soon as possible.


Research Your Competitor’s Profile

If you want to grow your business, you have to keep your eyes everywhere. You have to be aware of the latest strategies to take your business to new heights. Your knowledge about your competitors’ profile and strategies which they are using in their businesses, gives you the chance to avoid mistakes.

You can also compare your results to your competitors and by this you can analyze where you are lagging behind to your competitors.



Instagram is a way to share any content in a way to promote your brand over the internet.

By using these tricks in your marketing strategy, you can maximize your success rate.


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